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What is the DionClub?
It’s an exclusive membership for wine lovers worldwide, designed to give you the best selection of unvaluable assets and emerging brands to easily explore, taste and invest in a timeless storage of value and passion such as wine.
Buy the bottle, let our specialists find the best way to preserve your investment and claim it through your NFT certificate whenever and wherever you want.
From the wine cellar to your home.


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Membership in the Dionisos Club

Invest and Trade with DionWines

The wines stay in the cellar of the producers until claimed, preserving the best conditions with unquestionable authenticity.

We have curated cellars nationwide, gathering valuable assets and emerging brands to enrich our unique offerings.

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Project Image

Wine has intrinsic value that makes it suitable for preserving wealth as a medium to long-term investment.

You can enjoy the wine for yourself claiming it whenever you want, from the cellar directly to your home.

It’s not a subscription. It’s a lifetime membership.


Visit our cellar here in the shop or on OpenSea marketplace.


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