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A blend of two grapes that desire to be blended, Sangiovese e Grenache ( Gamay del Trasimeno). A powerful wine, nontheless very elegant. Only 2 NFTs will be issued of this wine, so it will soon become a rarity. This wine is not anymore available at the winery.

Wine: Corniolo

vintage: 2019

quantità: 2 bottles

Producer: Duca della Corgna

Bottles custodian: Dionisos cave

NFT burns: 2029-01-11

NFT issued: 2

This product is comprised as a two-piece ensemble:

1 Physical  Asset: 

2 bottles(750ml) of fine wine that the owner can claim and drink.

2 Digital Asset:

Digital Tokens(NFT) that the holder can trade on secondary market and gain profit without moving the Physical bottles.

without moving the Physical bottles, which stay in¬† the winery’s cellar under the condition ideal for wines.


Details of the wine:


DOC ‚Äď Denominazione di origine controllata
  • GRAPE VARIETIES:¬†70% Sangiovese, 20% Trasimeno Gamay, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • VINEYARD:¬†owned by associated producers located on the hills of Castiglione del Lago, Petrignano del lago and Vaiano.
  • YIELD: Grapes: 4000/5000 kg/ha.Wine¬†23/30 hl/ha.
  • AGING:¬† 12 months in French oak barriques kept in the historic cellars of the 16th-century Duca della Corgna palace in Citt√† della Pieve.
  • BOTTLING:¬†starting in the February two years after the harvest.
  • MATURING:¬†7 month in the bottle.
  • AVERAGE ANNUAL PRODUCTION:¬†20,000 bottles.
  • CHARACTERISTICS:¬†Color:¬†intense ruby red with warm purple overtones, limpid.¬†Bouquet:¬†brood and delicate with rich notes of cherry, strawberry, plum, and subtle spices.¬†Flavor:¬†dry, full and elegant, with complex fruit flavors and notes of sweet spices.
  • PRODUCER‚ÄôS SUGGESTIONS:¬†Goes with:¬†ideal with grilled red meats roasts and braised dishes.¬†Serve:¬†a temperature of 18¬į C in glasses for aged red wine.

PRODUCER’S SUGGESTIONS: This wine draws on the history and magic of our area. It is a wine best served with traditional meat dishes and in good company

Dionisos comments:  Sangiovese is incrediblely brilliant but often not stable. a bit blending helps to give the Sangiovese based wine a more perfectly elaberated structure and greater aging potential.


Terms of delivery:   after purchase, you will receive a NFT as the token of ownership of the wine. The wine bottles will be stored in best condition(in the  producers’ cellar) for free and you can trade the token on the secondary market until you claim the bottles/ the Latest Claim date. 

You can claim the wine on our official website  , choose from <the available pickup point>, click <i will pick up myself>then go to fetch the wine,

Or choose the option<send it to me>, fill up the consignee address, <pay the delivery cost> and the wines will be sent to you.

Latest Claim date of the Physical bottles: December 2034


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