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This product is comprised as a two-piece ensemble:

1 Physical  Asset

6 bottles(750ml) of  wine that the owner can claim and drink.

2 Digital Asset:

Digital Tokens(NFT) that the holder can trade and gain profit on secondary market ,  without moving the Physical bottles, which stay in the the winery’s cellar under the condition ideal for wines .

Details of the wine:


Merlot Riserva

Aged with love and care for twelve long months in premium oak barrels, this wine adorns itself in a deep ruby red that captures attention and makes the eyes sparkle.
It’s as if a work of art comes to life in your glass, painting a picture of vibrant emotions and intense glimmers.

From the very first encounter with the nose, the wine opens generously and elegantly, revealing a bouquet of floral aromas that waft through the air, enveloping the senses in a fragrant dance.
Herbaceous notes join the olfactory orchestra, offering an intense and elegant concert, enriched by a symphony of succulent forest fruits, spices that resonate on the palate, and balsamic nuances that enchant the soul.

In the mouth, the wine manifests itself with a majestic presence, expanding with a full body that captures every corner of the palate. Soft tannins, like a velvety caress, interlace with the tasting experience, allowing the fruity notes to dance with elegance and grace. And as the curtain falls, a harmonious finish makes its way, leaving a memorable persistence that invites you to savor every single moment.

This wine, an authentic masterpiece of flavors and sensations, is a true symphony for the senses, an unforgettable journey through taste and emotion.
Prepare to be carried away by a chromatic experience that will envelop you in a warm and unforgettable embrace.


Production Area: Umbria, Lake Corbara – Orvieto
Grape Variety: Merlot
Altitude: Approximately 350 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Medium texture, sedimentary, clayey, and calcareous soil of marine origin
Plant Density: 3,200 plants per hectare
Harvest: Second half of September, manual harvesting
Production: Approximately 1,800 to 1,900 numbered bottles
Alcoholic Fermentation: In stainless steel for 15-20 days with skins. Post-fermentation maceration for an additional 20-30 days
Aging: 15-18 months in barriques
Alcohol Content: 14% Vol

It pairs wonderfully with complex pasta dishes, red meats, roasts, and game. Excellent with aged or spicy cheeses.

Terms of delivery:   after purchase, you will receive a NFT as the token of ownership of the wine. The wine bottles will be stored in best condition(in the  producers’ cellar) for free and you can trade the token on the secondary market until you claim the bottles/ the Latest Claim date.

You can claim the wine on our official website  , choose from <the available pickup point>, click <i will pick up myself>then go to fetch the wine,

Or choose the option<send it to me>, fill up the consignee address, <pay the delivery cost> and the wines will be sent to you.

Latest Claim date: December 2034


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