Orvieto Classico-Freddano-late harvest



This product is comprised as a two-piece ensemble:

1 Physical  Asset

6 bottles(375ml) of  wine that the owner can claim and drink.

2 Digital Asset:

Digital Tokens(NFT) that the holder can trade and gain profit on secondary market ,  without moving the Physical bottles, which stay in the the winery’s cellar under the condition ideal for wines .

Details of the wine:

Orvieto Classico Superiore DOC Vendemmia Tardiva

The Tufantello, a true oenological gem, presents itself with extraordinary brightness, a straw-yellow color that shines like the sun and is enriched with delicate golden reflections that captivate the eye. It’s as if the wine itself were a kaleidoscope of colors, ready to enchant and amaze anyone who gazes upon it.

On the nose, the Tufantello reveals all its complexity and envelopment, offering a pleasantly unforgettable olfactory experience. Intense and vibrant mineral notes merge with fruity nuances of succulent plum, juicy peach, fresh broom, and crisp green apple. It’s like immersing oneself in a blooming garden, where each aroma dances in the air and harmoniously blends with the others, creating a symphony of scents that envelop the senses.

But it’s on the palate that the Tufantello reveals itself as a true masterpiece. Its perfectly balanced sweetness wraps the palate in a harmonious and elegant embrace. It’s as if each sip were a sensory journey, where the quality of late harvest grapes makes its presence known, telling the story of the vintner’s love and dedication to his beloved Umbrian land. Each sip is an authentic pleasure that manifests as a symphony of flavors, offering an unparalleled taste experience.

The Tufantello is much more than just a wine; it’s an unforgettable sensory experience. It’s an invitation to share special moments with friends, to celebrate the love and affection we have for our loved ones. This precious wine is a gift that makes each moment unique and eternal, delivering emotions that will remain imprinted in the hearts of those who have the privilege of tasting it.

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey that will take you to a world of colors and flavors, where the love for the land merges with the art of winemaking. The Tufantello will welcome you with its beauty and sophistication, captivating your senses and gifting you with a smile that shines like the Umbrian sun.


Production Area: Umbria, Lake Corbara – Orvieto
Grape Varieties: Grechetto, Malvasia, Procanico
Altitude: Approx. 350 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Medium mixture, sedimentary, and clayey limestone of marine origin
Plant Density: 1,600 plants per hectare
Harvest: Second half of September, manually conducted
Production: 400 bottles
Alcoholic Fermentation: In stainless steel
Alcohol Content: 12.5% Vol

 It pairs perfectly with dry pastries, small doughnut-like cookies, and biscotti, but it’s worth trying it with blue cheeses.
producer:      freddano.it

Terms of delivery:   after purchase, you will receive a NFT as the token of ownership of the wine. The wine bottles will be stored in best condition(in the  producers’ cellar) for free and you can trade the token on the secondary market until you claim the bottles/ the Latest Claim date.

You can claim the wine on our official website https://dionisosnft.com/  , choose from <the available pickup point>, click <i will pick up myself>then go to fetch the wine,

Or choose the option<send it to me>, fill up the consignee address, <pay the delivery cost> and the wines will be sent to you.

Latest Claim date: December 2034


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