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This NFT gives you access to all DIONISOS Club goodies, so it is a strumental NFT. But it is also an Investment.  Membership in the DIONISOS Club is Limited to 10K.  When we arrive at that limit the value of the membership NFT will increase exponentially for having te associated privileges

  • you will have a virtual sommelier whenever you need. You call, Dionisos answers
  • wine delivery services for any wine from Italy to your address,You pay only the wine and the transport. The service is on the club
  • yearly visit to our tasting lab with free tasting of six wines
  • privileged access to Dionisos events , priority and 25% discount, see our former events here dionisosxp.com/
  • discounts from all the cooperating wineries and retailers,the list of wineries is growing 
  • as a club member, you have the right to invite new members, the new member will have a discount of 10% when they invest in a DionClubNFT and become a fellow member. and you will get a coupon of the same value and it can be used for DionClubNFT without limit!( meaning you can  use 10 coupons to get a new DionClubNFT without paying anything else)

The NFT will be minted at purchase.

DionClubNFT is also an investment. you can trade it on the secondary market and gain the profit.



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