Surprise Wine


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This product is comprised as a two-piece ensemble:

1 Physical  Asset

1 bottles(750ml) of  suprise wine that the owner can claim and drink.

2 Digital Asset:

Digital Tokens(NFT) that the holder can trade and gain profit on secondary market ,  without moving the Physical bottles, which stay in the the winery’s cellar under the condition ideal for wines .

Details of the wine:

we will leave and move to perugia, and there are still about 500 bottles in the cave. so we are going to make a limited version of NFT out of it.

if you can come to buonrespiro 37 , orvieto, Umbria, Italy before May 28th 2024,

you will get one bottle of suprise wine reserved in our cave. if the wine you choose worth less than 20 Euro, you can take 2 .

pls be noted : the cave is a perfect place for wines but terrible place for lables, so the lables are all more or less damaged.


what if you can not make it before May 28th 2024?

then you can use it as a coupon to participated any future events hosted by us.

for example:  if you come to an event cost 20 Euro, then you pay with this NFT (by sending this NFT back to us to burn) without paying anything else. if you come to an event cost 50 Euro, then you pay with this NFT+30 Euro,

if you are a DionClub member, then you only need to pay 15Euro(50*70%-20) +this NFT, to participate an event cost 50 Euro originally.


Terms of delivery:   after purchase, you will receive a NFT as the token of ownership of the wine. The wine bottles will be stored in best condition(in our cave) and you can trade the token on the secondary market until you claim the bottles(before May 28th 2024) or use it as a coupon in any of the events we host without time limit.

this  limited edition NFT can only be used on site



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